Just minutes from Manly Beach, Boardrider Backpacker & Budget Motel is the ideal place to stay if you want to surf. The gentle waves of the south end are perfect for learning, while the more advanced surfers can carve up the waves to the north. International travellers come to Manly to surf, there’s always someone to head out and catch waves with. So come on out and get ready to rip!

Lazy Days on the Beach


Manly Beach is made of just that – beaches! Take your pick of the different beaches in the area. Long stretches of Manly and Queenscliff are great if you like playing in the waves, Shelly is perfect if you want something more protected and secluded, and the beaches by the wharf are beautiful and picturesque to watch the ferries cruise in and out from the city. Take a stroll to Little Manly Beach as well. You’ll be spoilt for choice – the only solution is to make sure you leave yourself enough time to check them all out!


From the south end of Manly beach spanning over past the cove and headland of Shelly beach, you can find the Cabbage Tree Aquatic Reserve. This whole underwater protected area is home to flourishing sea life, marine vegetation, reefs, and seabeds. All of this means one thing: GREAT SNORKELING! Grab a mask and snorkel in one of the shops along Manly’s Corso and head over to Shelly for an unreal clear water snorkeling adventure. See how many fish you can spot!

Active Lifestyle


Manly’s famous North Head Sanctuary in Sydney Harbour National Park is just a ten minute walk from BoardRider. In this area there are tons of hiking trails and adventures to be had, all with spectacular views of the city and the beautiful blue sea!

Secret Rock Pools



These beautiful pools are just about an hour hike from BoardRider – but you have to hike through thick brush, scale a few cliffs, and make sure you go strictly at low tide! This adventure isn’t for the faint of heart, but the views are so worth it. Come stay with us and see if someone can take you to this amazing location.




The volleyball courts are just a 5 minute walk down to the sand, so of course we love to make use of this convenient and fun activity. Come get sandy and try your skills with your new friends from the hostel – and top it off with a swim in the sea!

Scuba Diving

There are some great scuba diving sites around Manly Beach, and a few dive centers as well. If you are a diver or want to give it a try, they can offer introductory dives and also different levels of certification courses. There’s no better way to live the beachy lifestyle than to fully immerse yourself into the ocean – pun intended!



Of course you can swim in the sea, but Manly also has a few different rock pools that you can take a dip in that have beautiful views down the coast. Swim a few laps through the salty water and watch the waves roll by outside from the comfort of a pool.



Good Food



Manly has heaps of amazing food options. There are some of the best acai bowls you will ever have in your life, tons of great breakfast options, amazing cafes, and many places to have a nice dinner with a view. Come stay at BoardRider and try Manly’s food for yourself!



Boardrider Backpacker is located conveniently RIGHT in the center of Manly. We are part of the same building as some of the most popular bars in the area, and the others are just a few steps away. You will never have to worry about finding your way back home at night when you live so close to all the action! Get together with your friends from Boardrider for an awesome night out on the town.