Jenny story: From England to BB Job Centre

Job centre coordinator

Hi, I´m Jenny.

I am the Job Centre Coordinator for Boardrider Backpackers.

I work with the hostel and local companies to help guests find work quickly and easily. In my role, I talk with local managers and find out what jobs are currently available. These are then listed on the Jobs Board for residents to see. I can also be contacted personally to discuss job opportunities with individuals and find the perfect job for them!

There are many types of work opportunities available including labouring, landscaping and gardening; hospitality roles, retail jobs and housekeeping.

When you arrive at Boardrider Backpackers you can ask our helpful reception staff to add you on our Job Finding system.

Let them know what kind of position you are looking for and what experience you have. The Job Centre is a great way to find your place in the local working community, I look forward to meeting you here soon!

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