6 Reasons to Come Work, Stay, and Play at Boardrider Backpackers


Located right in the middle of Manly Beach, Boardrider is more than just a hostel – it’s a lifestyle. We work during the day, hit the beach on our days off, and hang with our friends at the BYOB rooftop bar when the sun sets. We’re always out and about, discovering everything Manly has to offer, working hard, and playing harder.

What makes Boardrider different than any other hostel? Tons of things, but here are the top six!

We can help you find work.

You wake up in the morning here at Boardriders, eat some brekky out on our balcony while watching all the people walk by down on the Corso, and then head downstairs to check our job postings. Each morning we have new postings and openings for all sorts. You can find everything from long term to one-off jobs.

The best part?

No experience needed. 

We provide jobs that you can be trained for right on the spot. Many of our labour jobs don’t even require that you speak the best English. If you are a traveler looking for some extra money, that’s great! If you are looking to stay longer, that’s great too. Whatever your language or skill level, we can work with you.

How do we do this, you may ask?!

We advertise in all the local papers of the Northern Beaches. Not only do we find employers, but employers find us! Five or more new jobs can come through the door in a single day, and we work with many different kinds of employers.

work boots

We’re a Working Hostel – But Not in the Middle of Nowhere.

Most working hostels you’ll find in Australia will be in the boonies, on a farm, or quite far away from any big cities or action. That’s what you come to expect here in Australia – if you want to work, you must go fruit picking or laboring on a farm far away. But that is not the case here! Boardrider is right in the middle of the action while also being a working hostel. We have not come across any other hostels like this!

edit 4

Central Manly Location

You legitimately cannot get any more central than our location right on the Corso (Manly’s central pedestrian street)! Our balcony looks out right over the middle of Manly, with an ocean view! You can hear all the buskers playing on weekends and can do some great people watching from the balcony as well. Flats in this area will rent for thousands of dollars, but despite its premium location, Boardrider keeps prices low for those on a backpacking budget. It won’t take you more than 2 minutes to walk from our front door to the sand! All the nightlife and restaurants are within an arm’s reach as well.


We Have the Only BYOB Bar of it’s Kind in the Area

We know you are on a budget – which is why we have our very own BYOB rooftop bar, which is unheard of in Sydney! We know you pay well upwards of $10 per drink at most other hostels or bars – so we want to offer you a little rest from breaking your bank each time you go out to drink. Go grab yourself some goon and come celebrate with your friends on our roof.

We also have a few events each month at our rooftop bar- from live guitar shows, deep house sets, BBQ’s, and much more! There’s nothing but good times up here!

Perfect for Students or Travelers Wanting to Lean English in a Hurry

Many of our hostel guests are also here to learn English. They go to classes by day, and socialize with other Boardriders by night. You will always be chatting with people up in the common room and around the hostel, and will constantly be using and improving your english skills.


Amazing Community of Friends

Life in Manly is pretty dang hard to beat. That’s why people who come to visit end up staying a lot longer than expected! There are lots of people who have lived with us at Boardrider for a while, and tons of people to get to know in the hostel. The social atmosphere is what makes hostel life great in the first place, and what makes Boardrider even better! You make lifelong friends here – if you don’t believe us, come see for yourself!


Laid Back, Beach Lifestyle

As they say, Manly is 7 miles from Sydney and 1000 miles from care! Just a 30 minute, beautiful ferry ride from central Sydney, Manly has a totally different, much more laid back lifestyle. Slow it down a little and get stuck into Manly’s beachy yet active lifestyle. Come over and try some of the amazing food, great nightlife, or other activities Manly has to offer – like yoga, beach volleyball, hiking, snorkeling, and more. Get together with some friends from Boardrider for even more adventures!

Book your room here!

Stay tuned for more case studies from real Boardriders!

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